About Us

We are Kokoco

Kokoco Innovative Beverages Pvt Ltd. is a pune based cococnut company. We started with our first product KOKOSCOOP- ice creams in the April 2017 and launched the second product KOKONEER- daily coconut water in 2018. Kokoco Innovative Beverages also manufactures CoCo Peat - Koko Peat and CoCo fibre with the coconut waste gathered on the daily basis. We also make coco candles with the coconut shells which is used in the Kokoscoop section.


We care about you and the problems you face while drinking coconut water. The coconut waste in societies/ hospitals/ retails chains/hotels etc is the big issue and challenge at present. And so an innitiative started by kokoco to collect this COCONUT waste and recycle it at our unit, to make the best out of this waste.


We bring the handpicked coconuts from the South directly from the farmers. These coconuts are sorted for the Kokoscoop and Kokoneer section in order to give you the best product.